The Number 1 Reason to Travel

The Number 1 Reason to Travel

Summer is here. Beaches are covered in tourists, cruise ships are sailing sapphire blue waters, and everyone is traveling until their socks fall off–only to be replaced by sandals. With so many places to go and see, often costing lots of money and time, some people are tempted to ask why do we travel. In a word, happiness.

That’s right. Researchers at Cornell University found that humans get tired and bored once things become mundane. We didn’t really need science to tell us that. Think of your normal week. If you have a fun event planned then you have something to look forward to. That single event creates excitement that gets you through the week. A week without anything new or unique, without fun experiences to look forward to, drags on and on. Boring!

So how do you break the trend of normal life? Add a pinch of travel to your life. Travel is all about the unexplored and untested. By its very nature it is unique and never-before experienced. Get out there and travel. You’ll find yourself in brand new places with exciting people. And you just might find happiness along the way.

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