Quit Making Excuses! Why You Should Travel Now.

Quit Making Excuses! Why You Should Travel Now.

I hear it all the time.

“Your adventures sound so cool. Wish I could travel too.”

“Travel is just too expensive.”

“Maybe I’ll travel when I’m older.”

“I have no one to travel with.”

“My life is too complicated.”


Travel is a little outside our comfort zones. White sand and azure water captivate our imaginations, but when it comes time to pull the trigger on buying that airline ticket or booking a hostel in Australia, we often let fear and the unknown cloud our judgment. We freeze. After all, what if the IRS does a surprise audit on us, or the car needs new timing belts? Real life comes with real issues. Often, however, we allow every day complications to keep us from the joys of travel.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Today I’m going to address some of the common excuses I hear as to why people cannot travel.

Number one: I wish I could travel. Stop right there! Unless there is a court order saying you cannot leave your city then you most definitely can travel. The question now becomes “how do you make travel possible?” Wether that means picking up a few routes with Uber, or working a little overtime at work. There is nothing stopping you from traveling, besides a few extra hours of work, and some time spent on the internet researching travel destinations and prices.

Number two: travel is expensive. Yes. And no. If you think of travel as an additional expense added to your budget than yes, it can be costly. However, there are many creative ways around this. I know people who have moved their belongings into storage units, and then spent the money they would be paying for rent to move around the world. This technique admittedly works best for retirees or those with steady passive income streams.

For those in college, a group usually strapped for cash, consider subleasing your dorm room or apartment to tourists during the summer. This will free you from paying for lodging over the summer, and provide you with a steady stream of cash with which to travel.

Save now, spend later. If you put $20 away when you get paid every two weeks, you will have $520 at the end of the year. That is enough for a killer 3-day weekend in most the major cities in the U.S., including airfare and lodging, if you shop around and use budget airlines and hostels or Airbnb.

With so many cost-effective airlines and lodging solutions to choose from, the cost of travel has never been so easily overcome.

Number three: Maybe I’ll travel when I’m older. I have two personal stories to share. When I walked the 500-mile El Camino route from France to Spain in March-April of 2018, I heard two different pilgrims provide sobering reasons why you should travel now, if you so desire.

  1. A pilgrim shared with me that his father had been a workaholic. Every year the man’s wife would ask when they were going to start traveling. The man would respond with “When I’m retired I’ll take you to Rome”. He retired at the age of 71 and began planning an epic trip to Rome for the following June. The man passed away in March of the following year. He spent his life working. He spent his life putting off travel one more year. He died before he could ever travel with his wife, or see Rome.
  2. I met a very interesting woman from Oxford, UK. She was a professor at Oxford and was walking the Camino in honor of her late father. He had passed away the year prior. His lifelong ambition was to hike the entire French Route of the El Camino. He died before he could bring that goal to pass.

These stories are not meant to scare you into traveling. They simply serve as reminders that life is short, and if travel is something you want to do, then you should do it. It’s that simple.

Number four: I have no one to travel with. That’s great! Sometimes solo travel is the best travel. Take Alyssa Ramos of travel blog “My Life Is A Movie” fame. She is an attractive, single female and travels the world by herself. By herself! And what happens? She makes friends along the way. I have done solo trips around the world by myself, and I always end up making friends and traveling with new and wonderful people.

Number five: my life is too complicated. That is exactly why you should travel. We make life so complicated, especially in our Western world with its pressures. Travel can be calming, de-stressing, and a way to kick back and relax. Not only that, but it can put the world back into its correct perspective. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been humbled by the generosity of the poorest of the poor in third world countries. Their simple lives have helped me detach from my Southern California materialism. Life too complicated? Try travel, it might just make things better.

No matter what excuse comes to your mind when you think of reasons why you cannot travel, just remember that life is finite and sometimes money should be exchange for memories. Now get out there and travel!

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